…but it’s still fun.

...but it's still fun.

The easygoing Danish warning on my can of locally-brewed Tuborg – ‘please drink responsibly’ – was apparently not enough.

The best kind of fame. Internet fame.

The astute among you will have seen Dogshaming, a tumblr that takes mugshots of dogs with a placard describing their ‘crime’.

My friend’s dog, Siva, has made the cut.


Upstairs at the Galleria mall


This is one of the views from the Galleria foodcourt, near our house. I went there on Monday to get out of the house and do some case research. The mall has about four jewelry shops, mostly selling diamonds and gold.

I hate the chip chip

Mumbai is hot, sticky and dirty. My skin is reacting badly and becoming grotty and zitty. I’ve been using the local brand Himalaya, which is good and very cheap, to try to get things under control. What I haven’t used yet is Garnier Light moisturiser, which the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is touting above. Like many of the moisturisers here it has a ‘fairness’ ingredient, and I’m wary of putting anything with a bleaching effect on my skin.

The abbreviated (30 sec) version of this ad is in heavy rotation on satellite tv, so much so that C and I have taken to saying ‘I hate the chip chip’ at random moments. ‘Chip chip’ is stickiness.

By the way, Priyanka Chopra just turned 30.

“Cleaning out the closet”

To my pleasure, there’s a Time Out Mumbai. I’m hoping going to a few events and exhibitions will make Mumbai seem more like a city I can get a grasp on, and less like this smooth ball of bewilderment that I don’t feel equal to grappling with.

I found this fascinating article, “Cleaning out the Closet”, in the Gay and Lesbian section, discussing the difficulties in coming out to the servants. Not exactly something you’d see in the Star Observer.

Although “the opinions of servants rarely seem to count for much”, apparently otherwise supportive parents can be worried what the servants will think if their child comes to stay with their same-sex partner. Nevertheless, the article sensibly concludes that most servants will be interested in whether their employer is generous and easy, rather than who they are sleeping with.

Landmark fashion

If you’re interested in fashion, this slideshow from The Cut – The 50 Most Scandalous Dresses in History – is well worth a look.

Dresses like Bjork’s swan dress and Liz Hurley’s safety pin number are obvious inclusions, but I was interested to see Hussein Chalayan and read about Schiaparelli’s collaboration with Dali.

Stockinette snake from the Purl Bee

I’m not really suited for the Mumbai climate. To add to my paleness, fairness and general inability to deal with humidity, I love knitting and am doing my best to continue it in the Mumbai heat.  I’m doing ok so far if the fan is on gale force.


(Image from The Purl Bee)

This striped stockinette snake from the Purl Bee  is a really clever pattern, starting with an i-Cord and then using stockinette’s natural curl (and some gradual, m1L and m1R increases) to create the body of the snake.  I’m working on it without stripes, in Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky.

For me, it also has the advantage of not needing stuffing as despite bringing three tea chests’ worth of yarn I forgot my toy stuffing.

Baby steps

I plan to make this vegetable curry (recipe from Petit Elefant) for dinner in the next couple of days.

I’m aware of the odd nature of the endeavour – using a recipe from far away from India – but as I know less than nothing about Indian cooking this recipe will give me a good place to start, and stop me from falling into confusion paralysis in the local supermarket.


Yesterday, I went to the gym for the first time in five years. For two hours.

Being tenants in this building entitles us to go to the Hiranandani ‘clubhouse’, located about a kilometre away. I was kindly taken there as a guest (until my paperwork is sorted out).

One must wear street shoes to the gym and change into sports shoes immediately outside the gym room, which makes sense given that the streets, even in our upscale neighbourhood, are so dirty. The gym is about the size of a large waiting room, and my friend and I went there during “ladies’ time” – presumably not to be confused with business time.

The gym has the usual cardio machines (but no rowing machine, sadly), free weights, and weight machines. It doesn’t have any kind of area for floor exercises or stretching, and the floor itself was hard. I noticed that the Indian women doing weights didn’t do the common 3 sets of 10-12 reps – their approach seemed to be to do one or two reps at a heavy weight, rest for a while, and repeat. There were women of all ages, including a regal older lady in a saffron-coloured shalwar kameez, serenely cycling.

I did about 45-50 mins on the cardio machines and spent the rest of the time doing weights. The boringness of gym workouts without music had slipped my mind. I had thought I was doing ok with the weights until it was pointed out to me that the units were in fact pounds, not kilograms.

..in the bag!

..in the bag!

Both cooking oil and fresh milk are sold in bags.