I hate the chip chip

Mumbai is hot, sticky and dirty. My skin is reacting badly and becoming grotty and zitty. I’ve been using the local brand Himalaya, which is good and very cheap, to try to get things under control. What I haven’t used yet is Garnier Light moisturiser, which the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is touting above. Like many of the moisturisers here it has a ‘fairness’ ingredient, and I’m wary of putting anything with a bleaching effect on my skin.

The abbreviated (30 sec) version of this ad is in heavy rotation on satellite tv, so much so that C and I have taken to saying ‘I hate the chip chip’ at random moments. ‘Chip chip’ is stickiness.

By the way, Priyanka Chopra just turned 30.


  1. It doesn’t work! I know because I got duped. I still ‘chip chip’ like hell.


  1. […] mentioned that she had made up a song to sing to her new baby based on the infernally catchy I hate the chip chip. This ad, ‘Sit down for…’, for the cafe chain Cafe Coffee Day is from the same […]

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