Damp. Dab. DAZZLE

As previously mentioned, since we moved to Mumbai I’ve been watching tv regularly for the first time in several years. (Rather than using this opportunity to improve my knowledge of current affairs or develop an understanding of Bollywood, I’ve become really involved in The Mentalist and the delightfully bogan New Zealand’s Next Top Model).

“Organised” or chain retail remains fairly uncommon in India, and comprises well under 10% of the market. Reforms to allow majority foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail recently passed into law after being put on ice for several months, and are widely unpopular.  With the exception of a couple of online retailers like Flipkart and Jabong.com,  the ads on English-language tv are predominantly for products rather than shops or chains. One of my favourites is this ad, for Livon Silky Potion. I only wish my hair care products made me as happy as hers do.

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