Things packed, things I should have packed

Things I, ludicrously, packed or stocked up on for Mumbai:

  • pens (a city of 20 million+ is of course unlikely to have pens);
  • notebooks (see above);
  • wine glasses, when all we drink is beer;
  • cheap cotton clothes; and
  • sunscreen.

Things I wish I’d packed:

  • baking yeast (I can’t find it anywhere here and was planning to make my own bread);
  • a new laptop as mine keeps terrifyingly freezing;
  • a hard drive fully stocked with unwatched tv and movies; and
  • a comfortable mattress.


  1. Should I try to send you baking yeast? (Dry). I remember only being able to find fresh yeast in Italy but that was excellent to bake with, however, of course, now cannot find that in Oz. *sigh*

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