A visit to the car show

I know precious little about cars. Including how to drive them. But travel will do strange things to you, and it was my idea for us to go to the Autocar Performance Show 2012, at Bandra Kurla. We’ve also been watching a lot of Top Gear.  On a side note, Charlie told me he’d read that Jeremy Clarkson believed the congestion charge zone in London was extended to target him personally. While I haven’t been able to find any mention of this story, I wholeheartedly endorse the principle as the man seems to feel rather more aggrieved than a rich man with multiple platforms to propound his views needs to be.

This picture is of the Mahindra test circuit for 4WDs, where if you bought Rs 200 worth of merchandise (about AUD $4), you got a spin around the course. Setting up a dirt course at a Mumbai car show is really playing to your strengths. Sagar (our driver) drove us to and from the show, and we paid for him to come in with us. Sagar is about 19, from a village in Maharashtra, and although he is both reliable and just about bursting with eagerness, is not so great on street directions. We’re not really in a position to help him, and the whole thing is complicated by street numbers being rarely used. Smaller streets don’t tend to have names. So, we bought a satnav at the show that gives directions in Hindi and Indian English. The expression on Sagar’s face when the first direction came through the speakers was absolutely priceless.

More pictures after the jump.

Note the ubiquitous construction in the background.

This is the Range Rover Evoque, tested by James May in Death Valley. (He ended up collecting a Cher impersonator in Vegas, as her driver – wackiness ensued.)

I can’t remember which Indian company made this 4WD, but as you can see from the snorkel it seems to be set up for reasonably serious off-roading.

The hilariously named Skoda Yeti.

Some fully sick speakers.

A specially painted Tata Nano, a popular small car.

An awesome looking ATV/buggy, complete with enthralled child. I was very surprised that the car show had so many 4WDs and off-road vehicles.

This is not a great picture, but this is a truly rare occurrence on Mumbai streets.

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