The costs of shopping

When my husband and I decided to come to India, I started to research the cost of living. Firstly, I wanted to know how much groceries and eating out cost, but couldn’t find a lot of nitty gritty information. In this spirit, I give you a study in contrasts. I went to Godrej Nature’s Basket in Powai this evening. Godrej is a chain of health-tinged food market stores – we go there for things like proper coffee and beer.  They also tend to have better quality vegetables. For about AUD$42, I purchased everything you see in this picture – four bottles mineral water (my ongoing ‘digestive’ problems have meant that I have got over my chattering classes aversion to the plastic waste), four tubs of dahi yoghurt, four half-litre cans of locally brewed Budweiser (a locally brewed beer that does not use high-fructose corn syrup), a bottle of vegetable wash (also related to the ‘digestive’ problems), a block of butter, a box of muesli bars, small pot Haagen-Dazs, a packet of chips, a packet of soup mix, cheese slices, and some bacon.

Godrej shopping basket

By contrast, Asha went to Haiko (local large supermarket) today, and for $24 purchased: tamarind paste, 1kg chowli (cowpeas, a legume), 2kg biryani rice, 1kg chana dhal, 2kg moong dhal, 2kg masoor dhal, sengdhana, tomatoes, 2kg wholegrain flour (atta), and five different masala mixes.


  1. I’m glad you are blogging. I am enjoying the tidbits!

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