Missing stuff

Today is the first day since we’ve been here in Mumbai that I have, very specifically, missed my stuff. Not family, friends or food (although my kingdom for some fresh milk, a decent coffee and a schooner of draught beer), but stuff. My husband and I have a lot of stuff. Some of it has sentimental value, some actual value, but mostly not. I like furniture, and had pretty much purchased the maximum amount of furniture that could fit in a small terrace in Surry Hills. Most of it, except for the Ikea bookshelves and a few other things that were sold or given away, is now in storage. I miss my chairs and table. Our flat in Powai came with funiture and a lot of built ins that are actually quite beautifully made, but also quite pimpy. It’s no bad thing that we’ve been living more simply since we’ve been here – although when the time comes to pack I’m sure the reality of that will be questioned – but I do miss my bits and bobs.

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